Becoming a Pilot

If you’re not sure whether or not you would like to pursue a career as an aviator, our advice to you is………go to a nearby Flight School and take a ‘Discovery Flight’. A Discovery Flight or Familiarization Flight is known by various different names depending upon the Flight School, but generally involves a 30 minute First Flight at a reduced rate to introduce you to the world of flying. Here you will get to see the world around you from the best view window you’ve ever dreamed of. You will also get to hear the sounds of aviation on the headset, as well as from the roaring engine immediately in front of you. If you wanted to become a pilot before this first flight, you’ll most likely NEED to become a pilot afterward! There is truly no life like it! No question the best offices are in the sky!

The views from your first training flight until your last airliner flight are amazing. The variety is unparalleled; the pristine modern flightdeck, the remote places an airplane can take you, the professionalism and team work of an airline cockpit crew, the natural beauty seen daily by Alaskan bush pilots, teaching a student from day one right up and until the successful conclusion of their Multi-Engine Instrument Rating, the beautiful designs of the modern business jets, the personal reward in flying a critically ill patient to the safety of an advanced medical facility, flying food and mail as a ‘lifeline’ to remote communities in northern Alaska aboard a Piper Cub, flying all over the USA as a Southwest Airlines Pilot, flying the new Boeing 777 aircraft across the Atlantic Ocean as a Delta, United, or American Airlines Pilot, watching 5 skydivers fall out of your plane to meet up seconds later for their favorite Sky-Dive Assembly, flying between beautiful mountain sides in Colorado, defending your country as an Air Force F-18 Pilot, are just a few of the hundreds of unique opportunities you will come across as a Pilot in the USA.

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