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The ATP CTP or Airline Transport Pilot Certificate is the culmination of a commercial pilot’s training, allowing you to meet the hiring requirements of most regional commercial airlines. It is also a prerequisite for the written exam and multi-engine ATP certification. If you dream of being a professional pilot for regional or national airlines, ATP flight school is a must.

Candidate Requirements for ATP Flight School

In order to earn an ATP license, applicants must complete a formal training that includes studies in:

  • Professionalism, leadership, and development
  • Transport airplane performance and automation
  • Aerodynamics and air carrier operations
  • Adverse weather conditions and cross-country flight

Airline transport pilot Certificate Training Programs (ATP CTP) are authorized by the FAA to certify those with advanced degrees in aviation or aeronautics with a restricted privileges certificate while they obtain the required 1500 hours of flight time.1

Restricted pilots often serve as co-pilots or first officers while completing their hours. Both the ATP and the R-ATP require the pilot to be at least 21 years of age and complete a successful checkride.

ATP CTP 2022 Class Dates

ATP CTP – Certification Training Program

With over 50 years of experience in the airline industry, Kingsky Flight Academy offers the best ATP-CTP options available:
$ 3,995
00 / 7 days
  • GI Bill® Eligible
  • 30 Hours Ground School
  • 4 Hours Fixed-Base Training Device
  • 6 Hours Full-Motion Simulator
  • Add $200 for ATM Knowledge Prep & Test
  • The Kingsky ATP CTP, located in Lakeland/Kissimmee, provides the essential first step toward Airline Transport Pilot certification. Upon graduation from this program, applicants will gain FAA eligibility for the ATP Multi-Engine (ATM) knowledge test, which you may take at select testing centers nationwide.
GI Bill® Eligible​

ATP Flight School Schedules

Starting from zero hours of training and experience, it might take two years or more to complete all the requirements to be ready for ATP testing and exams. However, there are many paths for pilots to reach these milestones.These required hours of training must be completed before you are eligible to take the FAA written exam for multi-engine ATP.

ATP CTP training at Kingsky consists of thirty hours of ground school, four hours of fixed-base training, and six hours of full-motion simulator training. As the FAA requires, the full motion simulator represents a multi-engine turbine aircraft with a maximum takeoff weight of 40,000 lbs.

While many students complete a bachelor or associate degree in aviation in order to meet their training requirements and gain the knowledge for the written exams, others work their way through flight school courses to achieve the same goals. Some examples of paths to the ATP level may be:

  • Start with a Private Pilot Certification on a single engine airplane.
  • Study Instrument Rating to master instrument flight rules and challenging weather conditions.
  • Complete a Commercial Pilot Certificate to be allowed to carry paying passengers in single engine aircraft.
  • Add a Flight Instructor Certificate to train paying students while you earn the required flight hours for the ATP.
  • Complete Multi-Engine Rating and become proficient with progressively larger aircraft as you gain experience.
  • After gaining 1500 hours of total flight time in the required areas, complete the ATP course to prepare for the written exam, including simulator training to prep you for the final checkride.

Career Opportunities for Those with an ATP Certificate

Once the base training is completed, either by a degree program or the flight school courses, the ATP CTP is an affordable final step at about $3500. It will prepare you for a career with major airlines regionally and nationwide.

The ATP pilot school cost is a solid investment, with commercial pilots enjoying a median wage of $86,080, in 2019, and airline pilots, copilots, and flight engineers averaging $147,200.2 In addition to base salaries, these professionals can expect to receive a full benefits package and retirement plans.

Demand for airline pilots remains high and is market driven, responding to the demand for business and recreational travel. Tens of thousands of professional pilots reach retirement age each year, sparking demand for new trainees.3  As these markets fluctuate, those candidates with the best training and experience have a significant advantage over more inexperienced pilots.

Reaching New Heights with Kingsky Flight Academy

Choosing a reputable flight school with a high success rate for students studying the ATP CTP is the first step to achieving these lofty goals. Before you search for an “ATP CTP course near me,” consider the accessible and experienced team at Kingsky for this important training. Our ATP course is affordable and can be financed through the GI bill for qualified pilots. Contact us to learn more about our ATP flight school today!

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