Flying has never been easier.

Flying has never been easier.


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Built with professionalism, responsibility and love for aviation, Kingsky exists to train pilots with FAA's highest standards of training and safety.

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To rise to a challenge. To launch a career or travel for business. To experience the freedom and exhilaration of seeing the world from above. Whatever your reason for learning to fly, your flight training journey must start at Kingsky Flight Academy the best flight school florida.

With over 60 years of experience in the aviation industry, we can guide you through every process in becoming a pilot.


Kingsky's Fleet

The objective is to facilitate the transition amongst the many learning phases.


All of our aircrafts have been totally remodeled and modernized in order to provide our students the best flying experience.

Our main premise is SAFETY.


For these reason we strictly follow the highest standards of maintenance stipulated by the FAA and the airplane’s manufacturer.

These measures ensure that our aircraft are safe and reliable.

Just Fly.

Located in sunny Lakeland, Florida, with an average 300+ sunny days, it is the perfect flight school in Florida.

Just Fly

"I got my private and commercial license and instrument rating in 5 months."

Thiago Cunha

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"Flying has never been easier."

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