Sun ‘n Fun 2017 Thrills Fans of All Ages

While the week started out with grey skies and not-so-distant storms threatening to put a damper on festivities, Fun ‘n Sun 2017 was ultimately unstoppable. By Wednesday, the skies opened up over Lakeland’s Linder Regional Airport, and aviation fans of all ages were guaranteed that there would be no shortage of sun or fun. Although, anyone who neglected to pack extra sunscreen may have felt regret on Thursday morning.

This year’s airshow was bookended by appearances from Patrouille de France, the French Air Force’s aerobatic demonstration team, and the United States Navy’s Blue Angels. As such, it was only fitting that the two squadrons hooked up on Sunday to treat beachgoers in Pensacola to a colorful surprise.

But there was so much more to see and appreciate at Sun ‘n Fun 2017, and we’re glad that Flying friend, photographer and aviation enthusiast Gary Rosier was around to capture most of the awesome planes and performances.

An Aeroplane is Flying

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