Commercial Pilot License with Kingsky Flight Academy

When you are ready to move forward from a private pilot certificate, a commercial pilot license will help you kick off a career in flight. With this flight training package and coveted certification, you can start being paid to fly passengers and cargo.

What Could You Do With a Commercial Pilot Certificate?

Commercial and airline pilots had a median salary of $121,420 in 2019.1 Many of these highly paid professionals and entrepreneurs worked their way to the top, starting as flight instructors and commercial pilots in command of small aircraft.

In order to be a major airline pilot or charter pilot, you may need additional training and certifications, including an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate. However, there are many career opportunities available to pilots with a commercial pilot license, or CPL.

Corporate Pilot

Many private companies employ corporate pilots for business travel. This is an exciting career, often allowing you to fly small jet powered aircraft and even travel internationally. Corporate pilots are usually well paid, and are responsible for planning all aspects of a successful trip.

Skydiving Pilot

This unique and exciting career allows you to work in a lucrative niche market. Experienced skydiving pilots must have commercial pilot training and be keenly aware of wind and drag factors, and how they will influence the jumpers. Dropping a skydiving team in exactly the right location and altitude will directly affect the success of their freefalling profession.

Certified Flight Instructor

With a commercial pilot license you can share your knowledge with beginning students while you rack up additional experience and flight hours. Working as a flight instructor may be a good career starting point that will provide income while you continue your own advanced pilot training.

Other Career Opportunities

With this license, you can fly cargo or passengers on any type of aircraft for which you are certified. You can explore open positions in pipeline patrol, traffic reporting, agricultural treatments, or banner towing.

For insurance reasons, professional pilots need to meet minimum requirements for all the types of aircraft they will operate. This is usually at least 100 hours of flight time and 50 hours of cross country flight. Professional pilots may fly dozens of different aircraft during their career in the air.

Completing Your Commercial Pilot Training

Even pilots who aren’t interested in working as a professional often enroll in our commercial pilot training program to advance their skills and knowledge. Our courses feature instrument training, simulator time, and ground school training to fully prepare you for whatever you may encounter in the skies.

If you want to fly like a professional pilot, or become one, you can take one of two routes, Part 61 or Part 141 pilot training. We offer both formats, which are approved and certified by the FAA. Each one has its own advantages, and will build your confidence and train you in professional cockpit procedure. To obtain your license, you will complete a practical test, known as a checkride.

FAA Requirements for a Commercial Pilot License

Part 61 and Part 141 commercial pilot training have different requirements for flight hours and format, but cover the same topics. Part 61 is more flexible for the student, while Part 141 training is more structured and usually faster.

Your Kingsky instructor will work with you to make sure you are fully confident and ready for your FAA test, so your total cost of training will vary a little, depending on your skill level. You should expect to complete:

  • Dual flight time
  • Solo flight time
  • Cross country flights
  • Ground training
  • Simulator training
  • Complex aircraft training

No matter what type of pilot you wish to become, we will work with you on a complete flight training plan to include all required topics with proficiency in the aircraft classes and categories you need to start your new career. We provide these types of aircraft for student training:

  • Cessna C-150
  • Cessna C-172
  • Piper PA-28

Choosing the Best Commercial Pilot Training Program

You can earn your CPL with Kingsky Flight Academy quickly, with all required flight hours and additional courses to achieve all your flight goals. Some are eligible for financial aid under the GI bill or other programs. Give us a call today to set up the right flight training based on your current skill level and previous certifications.

Our flight school is inspected and approved by the FAA, following all guidelines for safety. Our students have a track record of success in passing all required written and practical tests. Our training aircraft and simulators are perfect for both beginning pilots and those looking to expand their skills.

To find out more about getting a professional pilot career off the ground, give us a call at (844) KINGSKY (546-4759) or send an email for more information about our flight training programs.