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Student I-20 Application Form

Personal Information

Fill in the information exactly as it appears in your passport

Emergency Contact

School Records

List the most recent schools attended (at least Hight School information is required)

Do you have a current Medical Certificate?

Note: name on medical certificate must match exactly as it appears on passport

List all Flight Certificates held

Airmen Certificate Issue Country

Name of School where certificates were obtained

Flight Time



Note: The prices contained here are projected based on the minimum hours in our currently approved TCO under Part 141 FAR requirements. Any new regulatory changes may affect the price and number of required hours needed for certification. Any additional hours required in order to achieve individual proficiency will be charged based on our current hourly rates. ALL PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.

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  1. Please fill out this form entirely on a computer.
  2. Attach a clear photocopy of a valid Passport, Pilot License (if applicable), and a medical certificate (if applicable).
  3. Attach a bank statement demonstrating that you or your sponsors have the financial resources required for your education in US (funds shown should reflect flight course tuition + Living expenses).
  4. Once you receive a copy of your I-20 and acceptance letter via e-mail you will be able to make an appointment at the US Consulate or Embassy in your Country to request an M1 VISA.
  5. Once you recieve a copy of you rI-20 form you will be able to make the SEVIS payment fee of $350.00 U.S. Dollars and print your I-901 payment receipt
  6. Students will be enrolled to the course purchased according to the requirements of Kingsky Flight Academy and U.S. Government Regulations.
  7. Once you recieve your VISA make sure it is an M-1 VISA, remember F1 VISA is not valid for Kingsky Flight Academy.
  8. Once you arrive in the United States present yourself to teh SEVIS Manager Office at Kingsky Flight Academy with your VISA, I-20, and I-94 in order to activate your VISA (this is mandatory).

Signature Approval of Applicant

Signature Approval of Applicant

Where the Students are under the autority of parents, guardians, etc., the responsible authority must sign here: I accept the above terms and conditions