Florida Flight School Costs

The cost of flight training is highly variable. There are many factors to consider, from the location of training to the type of airplane used, to the specific training program and pilot’s license you pursue. Flight schools also consider hourly instructor fees and the costs of supplies (books, manuals, aviation headsets, etc.) and testing. To help you determine the Florida flight school cost at Kingsky Flight Academy, here is a rundown of the estimated costs of our programs.

Part 61 Private Costs

Private plane parked on a local airport As a certified private pilot, you can fly just about anywhere in the U.S. and even in foreign countries as long as you comply with their regulations. We offer these three Private Pilot – Part 61 training programs, each with 25 hours of dual flight time and 15 hours of solo flight time:
  • Cessna C-150: $8,060.00
  • Cessna C-172: $9,860.00
  • Piper PA-28: $9,460.00

Part 61 Commercial Costs

Earning a commercial pilot certificate can help you hone basic flying skills, whether you plan to fly recreationally or do it for a living. We offer four Commercial Pilot Requirements – Part 61 programs. These each include 10 hours of flight training and 10 hours of ground training. Here are the options and flight school costs:
  • Cessna C-150: $2,790.00
  • Cessna C-172: $2,690.00
  • PA-28: $2,990.00
  • PA-28R: $8,060.00

Part 141 Private Costs

Our Part 141 private training programs include 35 hours of ground training. To learn to fly a Cessna C-150 ($7,475.00) or Cessna C-172 ($9,050.00), you’ll need 24 hours of dual flight time and 11 hours of solo flight time. Our Piper PA-28 Part 141 private pilot training program, which includes 25 hours of dual flight time and 15 hours of solo flight time, costs a total of $8,700.00.

Part 141 Commercial Costs

Our Part 141 commercial training programs are designed to help you gain professionalism and confidence as a pilot. There are more requirements than our other programs. The basic components of these courses are 40 hours of dual flight time, 65 hours of solo flight time, and 35 hours of ground training. Plus, the complexity of the aircraft is a factor. The cost for Cessna C-150 Part 141 commercial training is $19,305.00, Cessna C-172 Skyhawk training is $24,030.00, and Piper PA-28 Cherokee training is $22,980.00.

Professional Programs

airplanes standing in a row front of kingsky flight academy We offer a multitude of professional pilot programs that include private pilot instructor, instrument rating, certified flight instructor, and other components and options. Here is a list of these programs with basic pricing:
  • Professional Pilot Programs I: $42,048.00
  • Professional Pilot Programs II: $46,048.00
  • Professional Pilot Programs III: $50,463.00
  • Professional Pilot Programs IV: $54,463.00
  • Professional Pilot Programs V: $48,593.00
  • Professional Pilot Programs VI: $52,593.00
  • Professional Pilot Programs VII: $46,638.00
  • Professional Pilot Programs VIII: $41,895.00
  • Professional Pilot Programs IX: $49,770.00
  • Professional Pilot Programs X: $48,020.00
To learn more about our Part 61, Part 141, and professional programs and Florida flight school costs, continue browsing. Feel free to contact us online or call 863-248-2543 to sign up today.

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