Our Pilot Training Courses

Experiencing the freedom of flight is enough reason to take a private pilot or ATP CTP course here at Kingsky Flight Academy. Many of our students are also aiming high for a new career or need to fly themselves frequently for business. We offer everything from coursework to obtain a private pilot license to simulator training preparation for jet flight. With all the necessary tools and resources, combined with our 60 years of experience, our courses will help you navigate every step of your journey.

Your private pilot license allows you to fly within the US, and outside of the country in compliance with local and international regulations. For hobbyists and business travelers wondering how to get a private pilot license, this training is essential. What can you do with a private pilot license? Licensed private pilots may transport passengers and share some operating expenses with them. This training meets all private pilot license requirements, and teaches students to fly these single engine planes and others like them:
  • Cessna 150
  • Cessna 172 Skyhawk
  • Piper PA-28 Cherokee

Instrument Rating Course

Instrument rating training provides advanced skills which allow pilots to accurately fly through clouds and in low visibility conditions. This course builds the skills of private pilots and takes their flying to the next level. The Instrument Rating Course also provides a necessary foundation for more advanced flight academy training.
If your goal is to fly for a living, the Commercial Pilot Course takes your basic flying skill to a professional level. A commercial pilot license is a necessity to starting a career in the air, and taking this additional training builds confidence and establishes professional cockpit procedures. If you want to fly and work like the pros, this course will take you there.

Multi-Engine Course Add-on

If you are wondering how to get your private pilot license on a twin engine plane, look no further. This option allows our students to add on dual engine training and become familiar with the Piper PA-28R and similar models. Twins move faster, carry greater payload, and offer an additional backup engine for pilots that frequently travel to the back country, over water, or in poor weather.

Certified Flight Instructor Course (CFI)

Becoming a certified flight instructor (CFI) is often the first step to a career as a professional pilot. Training other new pilots builds a strong skill set, which is frequently a requirement to move into corporate or commuter aviation firms. Certainly it is highly desirable when seeking work at any major airline.

Professional Pilot Programs

We offer packages which combine the coursework needed to become a full-time professional pilot as complete programs. These courses are full-time and FAA approved, featuring both flight and ground training school, from basic flight through advanced and instrument training.

As part of these programs, and separately, Kingsky Flight Academy utilizes these advanced tools to prepare you to work for major airlines:

  • B737-NG Simulator Training certification, often requested by major airlines.
  • Jet Orientation Course, which provides complete preparation for airline simulator assessment, especially for those with no prior jet training.
  • Multi Crew Cooperation Course (MCC), which prepares pilots to work in a cockpit with other pilots. Many major airlines request that their applicants complete this course to learn PF and PNF teamwork, emergency procedures, and professional crew management.

Professional and Private Pilot Training at Kingsky

Choosing a pilot’s school can be a critical decision and change the course of your career flight. The private pilot license costs are similar around the country, but the quality of your training may vary widely. Kingsky Flight Academy is owned by two experienced airline captains, who have the expertise to guide you from your very first flight all the way to a professional pilot certification if you so desire.

Our award-winning flight school is BBB A+ accredited. Every level of experience is welcome at our academy in Lakeland, FL. We also offer license conversion for those who completed flight training outside the US, and even offer a scholarship program for a few promising candidates. If you want to soar higher than ever before, contact us online or call Kingsky today at (863) 248-2543.