The Real Benefits of Being a Pilot

Are you considering becoming a professional pilot? Commercial and airline pilots have opportunities to experience a rewarding career that can provide life benefits beyond the paycheck. For most people who want to fly for a living, pilot training is an investment in more than a Commercial Pilot or Airline Transport Pilot certification. Flight school is an investment in the lifestyle they want for themselves and their families.

1. Travel the World in Style

Transatlantic flights concept. Model aircraft over map.

One of the most alluring benefits of being a pilot is traveling and being paid well to do so. You will spend time in airports, enjoy layovers in exotic locations, and stay in nice hotels. Many of your meals and other costs will be paid for time spent away from home. Some airlines offer free or reduced travel after you retire, meaning you can continue to travel extensively for a lifetime! If you love to travel, a career as a pilot might be your best opportunity.

2. Earn a Great Salary with Benefits

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Commercial airline pilots earn excellent salaries with national and international airlines. Average salaries are over $150,000, with some professional career pilots earning more than $400,000 per year. These highest level pilot jobs come with benefits including retirement plans, paid vacation, dental and vision coverage, and more perks that vary by airline. Regional airlines pay less to starting pilots, but the benefits are usually still excellent.

3. Enjoy the View and Do What You Love

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Many pilots say they never get tired of flying or the changing view of clouds and distant horizons. If you love to fly, then every day in your ultimate high-rise office will be a joy. The work that you do helps people and is rewarding on many levels. The high quality of your work and your commitment to excellence leads to a thrilling career that never gets old.

4. Treat Your Friends and Family

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When you are weighing the pros and cons of being a pilot, don’t forget about all the perks involving free or low-cost plane tickets and discounts on hotels and attractions. As a pilot, you may fly free when seats are available, but you may also have access to travel for friends and family who will only pay some charges and taxes. Upgrades to business or first class are often available for yourself and your loved ones. Some airlines offer more of these programs than others, so ask about these perks before you sign on with one over another.

5. Explore Other Cultures

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Becoming an international airline pilot will give you the opportunity to spend time exploring other cultures and historical locations. New languages, cuisine, and cultural norms expand your view of the world and the people within it. While this level of immersion into other cultures would be difficult in most careers, airline pilots can bid on routes that will take them to their favorite countries as often as possible. When you want something new, your seniority allows you to request work in another part of the world. Very few careers offer this level of freedom and cultural experiences as part of your daily work.

6. Experience Job Satisfaction

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Pilots are the boss in the cockpit, whether you fly a private plane or a passenger jet. Reaching your personal goals and meeting the challenges of the aviation industry is personally satisfying and respected by society. Not only will you meet new people as a pilot, but you will earn the respect of your peers and be regarded as a successful professional in a challenging and evolving field.

The Sky’s the Limit for Professional Pilots

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One of the greatest benefits of becoming a pilot is the unlimited opportunities available to you. At Kingsky Flight Academy, we offer professional pilot training programs that are FAA-approved for both flight and ground training. We offer the flight simulator training requested by major airlines and can take you from zero flight hours to your Airline Transport Pilot certificate with flexible courses that fit your schedule.

Our flight instructors have 60 years of combined experience, and Kingsky students have an extremely high pass rate for FAA exams and test flights. With 300 or more sunny days at our Florida flight school and an impeccable safety record, you can get your plans off the ground faster with Kingsky. Contact us or register for flight training today to explore your options and let the sky be the only limit to your life goals and career dreams.

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