Private Pilot License

Obtaining your private pilot license opens a world of opportunities and personal freedom that reaches to the sky. The PPL (or PPC) is the most sought-after certification that allows you to operate specific small aircraft and is the first step to a commercial pilot’s license. If you have been wondering how to get a private pilot license, review these requirements to see if you qualify.

The Private Pilot License Requirements

The requirements for a private pilot license include:

  • Being at least 17 years old
  • Proficiency in English, with the ability to read, write, speak, and understand instructions
  • Holding a student pilot certificate or a recreational/sport certificate, which can be obtained from a reputable flight academy
  • Meeting experience and flight time requirements for the class of aircraft you will operate
  • Completing flight training with authorized instructors, complete with logbook endorsement
  • Passing a written, oral, and practical exam with the FAA

What Can You Do with a Private Pilot License?

Your Private Pilot License allows you to:

  • Utilize all civil airports when flying yourself and non-paying passengers who share some operating expenses.
  • Travel for work or recreation in the classes of aircraft for which you are certified.
  • Fly for charity or community non-profit events with allowable compensation for expenses.
  • Participate in search and rescue operations with reimbursement for basic expenses.
  • Advance on the path to licenses that allow flying larger aircraft and charters or as a pilot for commercial airlines.

What Does Training for a PPL Involve?

You will learn safe operation, maneuvers, navigation, and emergency skills while gaining the required 40+ flight time log hours in aircraft like these:

  • Cessna 150
  • Cessna 172 Skyhawk
  • Piper PA-28 Cherokee

Your license will allow you to fly a certain class of aircraft based on this training, whether single or double engine aircraft and on land or water, Dedicated students who can focus on their program full time might complete the course and be ready for the FAA test in as few as three months, while those with limited time to study might take a year or more to gain the knowledge, experience, and flight time they need. The Private Pilot License costs are reasonable and cover training aircraft expenses and instructor fees for your practice flights and classroom training.

Taking the Private Pilot License Test

Once you have completed the Private Pilot License requirements, you will be ready for the FAA test process. This consists of a multiple-choice written test and an oral exam. When these have been successfully passed, the examiner will fly with you for a practical test of your skills, known as the “checkride.”

Kingsky Flight Academy students have a very high pass rate for this test, and they are confident and well-prepared for the questions and skills the FAA requires to obtain the license. As an accident-free school, Kingsky has helped many pilots obtain their first certificate and advance their career through more rigorous training for larger aircraft, jet flight simulation, and coursework required by commercial airlines.

Enroll in the PPL course at Kingsky in Lakeland, Florida to start your training for a Private Pilot License and complete those required flight hours and durations in sunny comfort and safety. Contact us by phone or email today. Our experienced instructors are waiting to guide your path skyward and fulfill your dreams of flight.