Simulator Training

Our B737-NG courses were designed to boost your pilot’s career. With a top edge B737-800 flight training device along with our professional instructors with thousands of hours of flight experience, it is the perfect combination to bring your training and flight experience to a higher level.
At the completion of the course, the student will receive a customized certificate of completion. Airlines around the world request these type of advanced training.

JOC - Jet Orientation Course

Jet Orientation Course is an advance training dedicated for future Airline pilots with no jet training experience. It is the bridge between General Aviation and the Airline training aircraft. It will also prepare the pilot for airline assessment. Nowadays, many airlines require JOC training.

JOC will give any pilot a competitive advantage. It will make the pilot feel more comfortable in the cockpit of an airliner during the simulator assessment.

The purpose of this course is to make the pilot become familiar and prepare for the future Airline pilot position. During the course the pilot will be introduced to the Aircraft Systems, Flight Director, PFD/ND instruments and the handling of the aircraft in normal and non-normal procedures.

Course Content

Jet Airplane Overview

Standard Operating Procedures Standard Call-outs

Pilot Flying / Pilot Monitoring Normal Procedures

Non Normal Procedures Normal Checklist


Flight Patterns

  • Amenities US$
  • Accommodation (daily) 29.00
  • Rental Car (daily) 25.00
  • Additional Rates US$
  • Simulator Hour (with Instructor) 150.00

Course Outline

2 Days Ground School 12hrs

3 FTD Simulator sessions 12hrs



Included in the price above:

  • - Training Material
  • - B737-800 Flight Training Device
  • - Sim instructor
Note: Any additional hours required in order to achieve individual proficiency, would be will be charged as additional rates. ALL PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.

MCC - Multi Crew Cooperation Course

The Multi Crew Cooperation course will prepare you for the flight in a cockpit that requires more than one pilot. Many airlines around the world request that you complete an MCC course prior to applying for a job.

Some of the main subjects that will be covered in the course are: optimum decision making, communication, division of tasks, use of checklists, mutual supervision, teamwork, and support throughout all phases of flight under normal, abnormal and emergency conditions. The training emphasizes the development of non-technical skills applicable to working in a multi-crew environment.

​The MCC Course will also teach you the tools to be an effective leader, when in times will act as the Pilot Flying (PF) of the aircraft and as a team player when acting as the pilot not flying (PNF).

Course Content


Leadership and teamwork

Situation awareness

Workload management

Problem-solving and decision-making Monitoring and cross-checking

Task sharing

Use of checklists


Flight management

FMS use

Environment, weather and ATC

Normal / Abnormal and emergency operations

Course Outline

3 Days Ground School 24hrs

5 FTD Simulator sessions 20hrs



Included in the price above:

  • - Training Material
  • - B737-800 Flight Training Device
  • - Sim instructor

* The costs described are ESTIMATED, since each student’s proficiency will be the determining factor in the exact number of hours to be performed before the Checkride. Kingsky does NOT guarantee that the student obtains the license with the minimum described. **If the student has ICAO 4 or higher, we can validate their Private Pilot license only with documentation at the cost of $ 250.00.