Aviation Degree at SEU

Innovative Aviation Program

The Aviation Pilot Program at Southeastern University offers accessible and affordable degrees that can lead to a rapid career boost even before you finish college. This program allows all flight training courses to be completed in the first few semesters, so you can become a CFI while you continue to complete the requirements of your degree.

Benefits of SEU Aviation Training

The SEU Aviation Pilot program features these benefits:

Available Financial Aid

Qualified students can receive financial aid packages which cover room and board, flight training costs, and tuition.

Accelerated Flight Training

You can start flying and working toward your private pilot license in your first semester, or transfer in with an existing FAA Certificate to complete the program sooner.

Log Time On a Jet Simulator

Using the FSTD B-737 jet simulator as part of your flight training, you will be fully prepared for competitive jobs with major airlines.

Interview With Regional Airlines

You can land interview with regional airlines with your private pilot license even before you complete your commercial flight training and have job offers lined up and waiting.

Save Time and Earn Money While You Learn

After just a few semesters and required flight hours you can begin working as a CFI, starting your career and building your credentials while you finish your degree.

Program Specifics

The SEU Aviation Pilot Program will prepare you for a career as a flight instructor, corporate pilot, air taxi, commercial pilot, or first officer. By earning the FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate with instrument rating in single and multi-engine land classes, you may move on to a Regional Airline Transition course to earn additional flight hours if you choose.

Degree Opportunities

SEU offers these degrees in Aviation:
• Associate of Applied Science — Professional Pilot degree (online or extension site)
• BS in Aviation Management — Professional Pilot Track (traditional)
• BS in Business and Professional Leadership — Professional Pilot Track (online or extension site)

If you are wondering how to get a private pilot license, move on to an advanced degree, and land a high-paying and satisfying career as a commercial pilot, contact us to find out more.