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How the Airline Industry Is Adapting to COVID-19

The coronavirus has caused many changes in the way we do things, and the airline industry is no exception. There are now many positive changes taking place in sky flight, including continued interest in obtaining a pilot’s license. Much Effort Being Placed into Regaining Customer Confidence With air travel at a virtual standstill for so […]

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Great Things Are Happening in the Airline Industry

The onset of the coronavirus pandemic saw worldwide border closures and thousands of planes grounded. Today, there is promising news; with flight demand increasing, stocks rebounding, and new courses being plotted, there’s excitement about the airline industry’s future for travelers and those wanting a commercial pilot license to celebrate. Business Flight Activity Increasing AINonline reports […]

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Steps to Get Airline Transport Pilot Certification

Step 1 – Get a Private Pilot Certificate In completing training for a private pilot certificate or PPL (private pilot license in other countries), you will be able to fly different kinds of aircraft, travel cross-country, and carry passengers sharing some of the expenses. This process requires prospective pilots to be at least 17 years […]

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