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Pilots in the cockpit during a flight with commercial airplane.

How Many Hours Do Pilots Work?

If you want to be a professional pilot, you might wonder “How many hours do pilots work?” The answer to this question depends on the type of commercial or airline pilot you become. There are FAA requirements that limit the number of consecutive hours a pilot works, hours of flight time, and minimum rest periods […]

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Smiling aviator standing near plane

How Much Does It Cost to Become a Commercial Pilot?

Commercial pilots carry people and equipment around the world, operating medevac planes, fire spotting, performing mining surveys, guiding aerial tours, and assisting in agriculture. Obtaining a commercial pilot license opens the doors to these careers and volunteer opportunities. If you are considering becoming part of this professional community of pilots, you might be wondering how […]

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A black graduation cap and a certificate placed on an old book

Do You Need a Degree to Be a Pilot?

A common question aspiring pilots ask is “Do you need a degree to be a pilot?” The simple answer is that in most cases you do not need a college degree to have a successful career as a pilot. Whether you choose to pursue a bachelor’s degree may depend on your specific career goals. What […]

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Businessman with airplane over his hand and world map in the background

Can You Still Become a Pilot with Glasses?

If you have less than perfect vision, you may be wondering if you can be a pilot with glasses or contact lenses. The FAA vision requirements vary by which type of pilot you wish to become, by your age, and by the results of your medical examination. Can Pilots Wear Glasses or Contacts? The FAA […]

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Portrait of a pretty female pilot smiling

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Pilot’s License?

If you are interested in becoming a pilot, you are probably wondering how much it costs to get a pilot’s license. The total cost of your pilot’s license varies, depending on what kind of pilot you wish to become and what kind of aircraft you intend to fly. There are many other factors that affect […]

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Young aviation pilot near the plane

How Hard Is It to Get a Pilot’s License?

Many people expect that flight training and getting a private pilot’s license is an extremely difficult task, and they may not pursue their interest in flying an airplane because the process seems intimidating. When we ask student pilots how hard it is to get a pilot’s license, they usually say that it can be challenging […]

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Airplane landing in the night

How Much Do Pilots Make?

If you are considering turning your love of flying into a career, you are probably wondering how much pilots make. A pilot’s salary depends on what type of aircraft they fly and their level of experience. Within major airlines, the pay scale is usually set up to reflect where you fly, your years of flight […]

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Over the Shoulder of a Pilot in a Cockpit

How to Become a Pilot

If you are wondering how to become a pilot, there are many ways to do so. What path you take will depend on many factors, including which kind of aircraft you wish to fly and whether flying will be a hobby or a career choice. You will need FAA approved flight training and certification to […]

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pilot co-pilot looking at map

How Long Does It Take to Become a Commercial Airline Pilot?

If your dream is to become a commercial airline pilot, there are several paths you can take to meet the requirements for this rewarding career. Each of these routes to your goal will take varying amounts of time, but you can complete your flight training on your own schedule with Kingsky Flight Academy. What Is […]

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Hands of Pilot flying a commercial airplane

How to Get a Commercial Pilot License

How to Get a Commercial Pilot License Holding a commercial pilot license  (CPL) qualifies you to be an airline pilot, tour pilot, cargo pilot, or flight instructor. With licensure, you are permitted by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to charge money for your services. A CPL alone doesn’t qualify you to be an airline pilot; […]

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