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Will the GI Bill Pay for Flight Training?

Jobs for professional pilots are plentiful, due to many who are retiring or soon will be. For military veterans, this can mean lucrative signing bonuses and impressive salaries, but the cost of flight training can be prohibitive, and many wonder whether the GI Bill can be applied to some or all of the cost of […]

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What to Expect from Ground School

If you’re a military veteran interested in using your GI benefits to pay for ground and flight school, the good news is that you can get a portion of your training covered by meeting certain criteria. Ground school is an essential part of flight training, and we reveal what to expect and how to increase […]

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How the Airline Industry Is Adapting to COVID-19

The coronavirus has caused many changes in the way we do things, and the airline industry is no exception. There are now many positive changes taking place in sky flight, including continued interest in obtaining a pilot’s license. Much Effort Being Placed into Regaining Customer Confidence With air travel at a virtual standstill for so […]

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